Risk Management Solutions

by John S. Quarterman

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All About Early 21st Century Risk
a book review by Gunnar Peterson

for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance
ISBN 0-7645-9839-2, Wiley, 2006

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a book review by Rob Slade

Spammers, phishers, pharmers:
criminals leverage the Internet.
Perimeter fortification alone
yields the Internet to the bad guys.
Higher standards of diligence (SOX, PIPEDA, DPD)
aren't enough.
Beyond SOX:
Internet business needs
ongoing collective action.
Yet all security measures
will eventually fail!
Security must become enveloped by
risk management:
contracts, financial risk transfer (insurance, bonds, options), and reputation systems.
Other industries do it;
Internet business can do it, too.

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